Screening License

Hosting a screening of The Gut Movie is a fantastic way for you to educate your community on the gut microbiome. The event also offers other benefits such as:

  • Networking with health-related businesses and individuals
  • Earning significant income from ticket sales
  • Promoting your product or service on the night
  • Building your business’ database


Our screening licenses are considered ‘premium’ ensuring that each screening license has a large degree of exclusivity. This ensures you can have the best chance at maximising attendance to your event.

Please download a screening application and info sheet below.


Screening License Application BCM

When will screening licenses be available?

Applications may be filled now – however most screenings will not be permitted before March 2018.


How do I access all the material needed for the screening?

We will physically send you your DVD, and electronically share with you all the promotional material. 


Is there a minimum size for an event?

There is no official minimum size for an event however a minimum fee exists. We may refuse applications which we do not consider to fit our requirements.

For more FAQs download the application form below.


Screening License Application BCM