Screening License

Screening The Gut Movie

Hosting a screening of The Gut Movie is a fantastic way for you to educate your community on the gut microbiome. The event also offers other benefits such as:

  • Networking with health-related businesses and individuals
  • Earning significant income from ticket sales
  • Promoting your product or service on the night
  • Building your business’ database


Our screenings are now held through community demand company, Fan-Force, where you can apply to host a screening with very little financial risk.

Apply here through Fan-Force.

For more information, please email Tim at

– Will I get paid to be a host?

With FanForce you will receive 5% of the ticket sales, after the screening night.

– Who should host the Q&A at the end of the movie?

Any individual, or group, with a history or career in the health industry.

– Can I serve ‘gut healthy’ food at the screening?

This will need to be organised with the venue. You may not be able to serve hot food that has a strong smell, or competes with items the candy bar serves.

– How far in advance should I book a screening?

To almost guarantee a sold out screening, we recommend 3 months from date of advertising until date of screening. Otherwise a bare minimum of 4 weeks is suggested.

– How many people does it take to be a host?

An individual who has lots of spare time would be quite able to host. Otherwise we suggest a team of 3-4 people. This works well with a work team

– Where can I host a screening?

The movie was filmed in 4K video, so we do recommend screening in an actual cinema with professional projection equipment, where possible.
Alternatively, screening on a small projector in a community hall, RSL Club, yacht club, etc are also possible. But you would need to seat a minimum of 100 people.

– Will Kale be able to attend?

This will depend on Kale’s availability, and is not guaranteed. Email Tim at to discuss possible dates.

– Where can I apply to host a screening?

To apply to host a screening, simply fill in the online form here: “FanForce”.

– How many seats is the minimum for a screening?

100 seats is the minimum to host a screening, with a minimum 250 seats required for Kale Brock to attend as guest speaker. This is to ensure travel costs are covered.

– Can local ‘health related’ businesses get involved?

Absolutely. We often have wellness lifestyle coaches, naturopaths, health food stores, dieticians, among others, who are guest speakers, and who assist in telling their customers about the night to increase ticket sales.

I have more questions about hosting a screening, can you help me?

Email Tim at: for more information about venue hire, advertising, and local business sponsorship.